Dear customer

I’m sorry not to have been in touch sooner – time really has gone quickly since the closure of the Skogen café.  It has been hard adjusting to not having a day-to-day engagement with you and I have missed it!

I have been keeping busy as you would expect from me – last year I helped my friend and entrepreneur Keith Ives open a brand new café at the wonderful Bishop’s Court Farm in Dorchester-on-Thames.   I recruited a great team and we worked incredibly hard through the first year, which was a lot busier than we expected from day one!  If you haven’t been to Bishop’s Court Farm yet, Keith has opened up 300 acres of rural Oxfordshire to the public sharing his vision for eco-tourism – pay them a visit and enjoy the wonderful country walks and free-range livestock.  Make sure you stop into the Snug Café for a locally roasted coffee or a delicious expertly cooked lunch.

I have not stopped making buns – how could I when they are so appreciated!  I have a production kitchen in Chalgrove and I still make hundreds every week for a few of my favourite cafes and coffee stops in Oxford.  I really have thought deeply about these buns!  How can I make them as delicious as possible?   It gives me a lot of pleasure to make the perfect looking and tasting bun and I have developed many new flavour combinations to keep things interesting.

I had hoped to open a Skogen Bun Shop in the covered market but alas, it wasn’t meant to be.    I have a strong desire to return to a permanent location to cook the best of Skogen again – all my favourite home-made Scandinavian dishes which you enjoyed so enthusiastically.    I am looking a couple of options at the moment – but let me know if you know of any good spots in Oxford or around.

If you fancy a taste of what’s to come, have a look at the ‘Nordic Nights’ pop-ups (link). These will be Tapas-style Scandinavian suppers at the beautiful Dorchester Abbey Guest House.    You can book tables of 4-8 or join in a mixed table.  We are very friendly in Dorchester!

I’m not very good at sharing company news but it’s been good to bring you up to date.  I hope to hear back from you too!

Best wishes